C.I.B. ALLIE Ferligov, BHIS

InterChampion C.I.B., BHIS
ShowCh., MultiGCh., MultiCh., MultiJCh., MultiPuppyCh.
stud dog, SPKP 2015, d.o.b. 2.5.2016

chip: 941000015692499
father: C.I.B. ALPHA of Shingamonga, SPKP 1298/10
mother: C.I.B. ANY-LYSIPPE SARANGA Chien Curly, SPKP 1808/15
breeder: Stanislav ZOLOTÁR
fulldention – correct scissor bite, height: 71 cm
DBK A/A, DLK 0/0, OCD Negative/Negative, LTV Typ 0, L7, Spondylosis Negative
JME Negative
Ridge test R/R
health: 107%

clean DNA – mydogdna.com

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