Awarded titles

Grand Prix Slovakia Puppy Winner 2018
Puppy Champion of Slovakia
Puppy Champion of Hungary

18x VN1, 2x Best Minor Puppy, 6x Best Puppy

Junior Champion of Hungary
Junior Champion of Croatia
Junior Champion of Balkan
Junior Champion of Kosova
Junior Champion of Slovenia
Junior Split Winner 2018

13x CAJC, 7x JBOB, 4x BOB

4x rBOG, 1x rBIS

InterChampion C.I.B.

Show Champion of Hungary, Grand Champion of Hungary, Champion of Hungary
Grand Champion of Albania, Champion of Albania
Grand Champion of the Ex-Yugoslavia
Grand Champion of the Adriatic.  Champion of the Adriatic
Grand Champion of the Mediterranean, Champion of the Mediterranean
Grand Champion of the Balkan, Champion of the Balkan
Grand Champion of Serbije, Champion of Serbije
Grand Champion of Kosova, Champion of Kosova
Grand Champion of Romania, Champion of Romania
Grand Champion of Republic of Bulgaria, Champion of Republic of Bulgaria
Grand Champion of Montenegro, Champion of Montenegro
Champion of Bosna i Hercegovina
Champion of Republic Srpska
Champion of Croatia
Champion of Slovenia
Champion of Slovakia

candidate Champion of Austria < 2

92x CAC, 29x rCAC, 3x BM, 38x CACIB, 11x rCACIB, 47x BOB, 8x BOS

11x BOG  11x rBOG  6x BOG3  4x BHIS  1x BIS

3x Crufts Qualification 2020
1x Crufts Qualification 2021
3x Crufts Qualification 2022

Austrian Winner WELS 2019, class winner
European Dog Show WELS 2019,
class winner

Champion of Champions, BOS, Budapest 2019 

The most beautiful ridge for 2018 Club Competition KRGS Slovenia
The most beautiful head dog for 2018 Club Competition RRCH Hungary
Second most beautiful head dog for 2019 Club Competition SKCHR Slovakia
Second most beautiful ridge for 2019 Club Competition RRCH Hungary
The third most beautiful head dog for 2021 Club Competition SKCHR Slovakia


Champion of the year 2020 SKCHR
Best adult dog for 2020
with the absolute highest points
“Special Prize Competition for 2020 RRCH”
Dog of the year 2019 SKCHR

Young dog of the year 2018 SKCHR

4th place in the breed and sex of the Competition in SlovakiaDogCup 2018
4th place in the breed and sex of the Competition in SlovakiaDogCup 2019

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